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I absolutely LoVE One Piece, so this blog is dedicated purely to OP & OP only ♥
One day I want to meet Oda-sensei & personally thank him for creating a manga that makes me feel so incredibly happy. No matter how long it goes on, I will continue supporting Oda-sensei every step of the way! Go Luffy! ♥


One Piece Meme Redux (0/45)


  • Top 9 Characters
  • Top 8 Chapters
  • Top 7 Battles
  • Top 6 Quotes/ Dialogues
  • Top 5 Devil Fruit Powers
  • Top 4 Pirate Crews
  • Top 3 Pairings
  • Top 2 Captains
  • Top 1 Nakama Recruitment

I did all my best to find the original questions since I’m so going to do this. (=

I said I was gonna eventually do this last month, but I completely forgot :P
But now I really want to do it! Yosh! Here we go~! (~*3*)~

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